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Steve Conn

6:45 PM on January 9, 2010 by [email protected]

Nice garage and site! My black '03 Z06 is almost identical. I also have a pristine '96 Coupe LT4 which is all stock. Wish I had the time to build a site like this for my information and photos. Oh and I have an '84 Honda Sabre V-4 & have been riding on the street for too many years to count. Private pilot too, Cessna T210 (recently sold). Corvettes, motorcycles and aircraft just seem to all go together.


Steve Conn

Bill Perkins

9:46 PM on December 4, 2009 by [email protected]

Good evening, nice collection you have there...I currently own a 2003 Corvette and two Harleys. Was just setting here taking a break from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards....

Have a great Holiday season, Bill

Very nice site!

7:34 PM on September 17, 2009 by [email protected]

Very nice site!

gae jackson

11:42 PM on June 12, 2009 by [email protected]

this website is great. now i know where to go to look at really cool pictures. i still love the vette.


10:21 AM on June 7, 2009 

Just dropped in to say Hi!! Hope all is well. :) Nice site, beautiful rides!


4:17 AM on June 7, 2009 by [email protected]

Nice site, nice car and very nice bikes! Thanks for the link to my website!

Joe Caldevilla

10:47 PM on March 13, 2009 by [email protected]

Good luck expanding your web site....

Lee Colegrove

8:22 PM on January 7, 2009 

Enjoyed your web site. Love your vette and bikes pictures. It was good to see you last month. Just thought I drop a note and forward my e-mail to you.


7:14 PM on September 28, 2008 

wow you have a great site here sp, and to those who read this sp is a certified master tech with a wealth of knowledge helping vette owners everywhere at CORVETTEMECHANIC and he is valued. Great site sp. Love ya

Daniel Ogden

11:42 AM on September 25, 2008 

I was looking at your web page and noticed you have an old Clayton dyno. Do you still have it? would you like to get rid of it? i can be reached at 714-774-3385 ext 116.

robert aka z06dad

2:37 AM on August 16, 2008 

where have you been man!?!?

Rob aka Azmusclecar

6:42 PM on March 15, 2008 

I just wanted to say thanks to a great Corvette guy that I had the pleasure to meet. Too bad I have to leave Arizona just when we met. Thanks again for your Tech help. It's always great when you can get help from a fellow enthusiast and not have to go to a dealer!

Tricia and Steve

6:49 PM on February 14, 2008 

What a great site, not sure how I found you but glad I did. We loved looking around your page. We own two corvette a 2007 Coupe and a 2003 Z06 both black...and recently became part of a club. Will be back to your site again for sure. :wink:

Keith Arnold

10:35 PM on January 8, 2008 

Awesome site!! Will be taking delivery of an 02 Blk/Blk w/20k miles 1st of March. Can't wait! Known original owner for 20 years. Deal of a life time, too. Cruising the sites to get info, will be regular visitor to yours. Hope to hook up for an event this summer. Take care. K


5:45 PM on October 11, 2007 

Nice site, thanks for the invite. I enjoyed the 10 commandments!


4:29 AM on September 9, 2007 

It was nice meeting you today at the Hooters Corvette show. You've got a great website. Congrats on the Master Certification. See you next event.


9:39 AM on August 28, 2007 

Zipster :) :)


7:50 PM on August 1, 2007 

Love the Ten Commandments. Can I print it out for my office wall??. LOL

gary s. coviello

3:19 PM on June 22, 2007 

Great Corvette site. My wife and I love AZ. Our kids are probably the only thing keeping us in Ct. Maybe next time we're out there we can get involved in a Vette function. Take care!

Gary s. Coviello


Candlewood Valley Corvettes Inc.

Danbury , Ct.

John Strutt

3:10 AM on June 12, 2007 

Nice site Gary!

Aubrey Anderson

5:19 PM on May 20, 2007 

I have been getting my 99 hardtop ready for my own rt66 trip for 3 months. I live in NC and will leave here for the road on June 2nd. contact info [email protected] if I can't find a lady to ride I will carry my Doberman. HAPPY TRAILS


3:30 PM on May 14, 2007 

like the ten com. we went on a drive to jerome and the temp gauge got to200/220 is that norm?


10:17 PM on March 19, 2007 

thanks for answering my question on corvette technical questions


Frank 'Gray Eagle' Williamson

2:33 AM on March 16, 2007 

hiya Speedratchet :)

USAF ECM '72-86 ..first gig outta Keesler was DMAFB workin A-7D's ..some nice cruises on Speedway back then. Glad ACE found ya :) ..we be Vette fun :)

Shane Glidewell

10:28 PM on February 23, 2007 

Hey Speedratchet!

I sold my Magna Supercharged car last year. I have regretted it ever since. I am now looking to buy another car. My quest for a new ride brought me to your webpage through the forums,...and I loved the video. I have never been to the 'fest, but boy,...I will be going to the next one. That looked like a lot of fun. Thanks for the vid!!

Clarence Ragland

4:25 PM on January 18, 2007 

Speedractchet: Hey, we got a few things in common! I retired from the A.F. in 2000 as well, I have a 2002 Harley Fat Boy, and a 2004 C5 coupe! I sent you another e-mail after viewing your post. Hope to meet you sometime! Clarence (CC Rider) [email protected]


10:19 AM on December 9, 2006 



10:06 PM on September 25, 2006 

There, you happy now? The picture of your bike is missing from the home page. Whassup wid dat?


8:45 AM on August 20, 2006 

Nice side Gary



11:57 AM on August 8, 2006 

WOW, now I know where to take my car to be fixed! (GRIN) Of course, it may be a bit far. Your website looks great! Keep in touch! BTW, Joey is a father, times THREE!